Audiophile's Software
Published: 31 Dec 2015
Updated: 16 Jan 2016
Information about my project, called «Audiophile's Software».
Audiophile's Software

About my project

Are you no longer satisfied with 128 kbps MP3's, Windows Media Player and integrated AC'97 sound card? If so, you've come to the right place.

My project «Audiophile's Software» is dedicated to high-quality encoding and playback of digital audio on PC and other devices. Here you will find all the necessary programs, as well as a variety of useful and interesting articles. Much of them are dedicated to the indispensable software player foobar2000. Considerable attention is paid to the command-line encoders for various audio codecs.

And, of course, that's not all, the site has still a lot of useful stuff. So don't be lazy to go through all the sections and you will surely discover something new.

NOTE: this is an English version of originally Russian project. For the time being translation is in progress.