Frequently Asked Questions

Box information

Q: Can I just buy one box?

A: Non-members:

Since we are a subscription service, you must sign up for a membership and agree to our and Terms of Use and Sale. All memberships auto-renew each season and you can cancel at any time.

Q: What will be in my GressoFab Box? Can you show me examples of previous boxes?

The contents of your box are going to be a surprise - that's part of the fun of it!


Q: What if I sign up in between seasons

A: If you sign up for a Seasonal Membership, you will be immediately billed $49.99 (as a non-refundable minimum purchase) and the current season’s Box will be the first box you receive. (Please note, if the current season’s box is already sold-out, your first box will be the following season’s box, which will be shipped according to our standard shipping schedule.) You will see what season’s box you will receive first during the check-out process. If the shipping date for the current season has not yet passed, then your box will ship according to our standard shipping schedule. If the shipping date for the current box has already past, then you box will be shipped within 10 days of the check-out date (pending availability).

Q: I saw one of your ads, is that what will be in my box?

A: Many of our ads display variations of products that have been featured in past boxes or teasers of the types of new products we will launch for future boxes. We love to showcase our our favorite must-have products that we are planning for future seasons! For more information about what we've included in past boxes! If we've revealed the most recent box, the contents of that box will be listed there too! Upon ordering, the order form will display which box your subscription will start with.


Q: How can I contact Customer Care?

A: You can contact us by email at or at 305-515-8677 to speak with a customer care specialist.

Q: I’ve updated my phone to a new model or size, what do I do?

А: Customers may update their account information with a new mobile phone device at any time, subject to the time frames below. In order to update your Subscription, you must do one of the following: (a) email us at, indicate that you wish to change information in your account and follow the instructions that we send you in response; (b) log into your Member Account, navigate to the Edit Account tab, choose Update, and follow the instructions; or (c) call us at 305-515-8677, indicate that you wish to update information for your account and follow the instructions given.

*All mobile device updates must be made before the billing date of the new quarter in order to be implemented for that seasonal box.